I’ll take “Insanity” for $200 please Alex

Technology: the dream that becomes a friend who proves a fiendish curse. Recently, I’ve been working hard to generate web content. Unfortunately, the NEC900claptop I use for development is too big to be comfortable. Hot, heavy and larger than the surfaces of any lap desk I have. Simply priceless for its ability to do the heavy lifting with video, graphic and web site work, I’ve found its size is frequently an excuse for not taking advantage of free moments to document stuff that stikes me a pertinent to a blog or web page I have in work.

So I dug out my old XP Dell Inspiron PP09S; a demonstration technology existed for thin and lights WAY before they mainstreamed. Booting took what seemed like an hour & 11% of available battery. Not good. I need a better solution. So into the storage room to find the NEC900c I’ve used reliably before for journals and such. With a full size keyboard on a Windows CE .NET OS, the keyboard allows typing at speed and even though it has excellent battery life you can hot swap batteries if you’re working a long time away from a charger. Not being on the Internet is an bonus for an ADHD guy like me. I always us the CF card for storage because it’s persistant if I forget to keep the NEC charged.

So I worked for about 4 hours after the office closed. Before, the firmware allowed me the use of a USB thumb drive to transfer work from the CF card to a PC. I plugged in the USB stick this morning. Nothing. The PCMCIA CF card adapter was in the travel bag with it, so out with the CF from the NEC, into the PCMCIA card to the little Dell. Nothing deux. CF back to the NEC and connect via cable & ActiveSync to the little Dell. Getting an idea of where we are in the technology curve here?  Since the docs I want are on the CF card, I try to exploring to it but can’t. Hmm. Disconnect with the intention of copying the files from the CF to “my documents” so they’ll come over when I reconnect. I open explorer on the NEC and navigate to the CF card and…. THE FOLDERS ON THE CF CARD ARE EMPTY!!! Nothing, nada, blank, zip. All my current work, a lot of journal work over the last few years and all the backups are gone!

Near total derailment because this is mature, almost solid state tech with no moving parts At the apex of my despair my wife appeared at the office door and I got to share why there were clumps of hair in my hands and all over the floor. We prayed.  I did a soft reset on the NEC and all the files came back. Immediate and full backup to another CF.

One of the things I’ve been working on is giving God the glory where others can see. Thank-you Lord for saving my bacon, or was that the whole idea of the failure??